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KMGSA Board Meeting Monday, May 8th @ 7:30 Kasson American Legion 


USA Softball MN Bylaws related to this are below. As this team is geographically within your association, these rules do apply. A release from your board is all we need.


7.0.5 OPEN DIVISIONS. - 14UŁ, 16U "A", and 18U "A" are the only Open age groups and classifications that‚ will be allowed to play outside of their local association. Age eligible teams may not play up into another age group. Teams found in violation may be eliminated from league play and ineligible to participate in advancing and post season play.


A. If surrounding association directors are in agreement of moving a player from one association to another in order to fill a roster spot and give a player an opportunity to play.

B. Associations may have a situation of having a younger sibling playing on the same team.

C. Associations may need to fill a roster spot within their association and move a player up a level.

D. Associations may need to combine with neighboring associations to field a team. These will not be considered a tryout team.

E. All of these exceptions must be communicated between associations, agreed upon, and approved by Minnesota Amateur Softball Association



ASA RULES - 10U and 12U Players ARE NOT allowed to wear metal cleats.

Purchase only molded cleats for all 10U and 12U players







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