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KMGSA Board Meetings are held at 6:30 P.M. on the 3rd Monday of each month in the basement of the Kasson American Legion

Next Meeting Monday, February 19th 2018



As youth fast-pitch in southeast Minnesota continues to evolve, changes locally become an inevitable part in that evolution.  Below, the KMGSA Board is going to outline changes coming to how the association will operate moving forward.


First and foremost, KMGSA will be changing leagues from Southern Minny in Austin to SFC (Southeast Fast-Pitch Conference) in Rochester.  As the board discussed this change, the focus came down to two fundamental reasons.   Logistically, the switch to SFC should reduce travel time for players and parents.  Second, we are looking for a more consistent end of the year tournament schedule for all teams.


The next listed changes are a result of the switch to SFC and having to follow SFC League rules.


1.  KMGSA will be adopting SFC birth years for establishing level of play by age.  These dates are mandated by USA Softball.   For the Fall 2017/Summer 2018 seasons, the age groups will be as follows:


Season is from August 1st 2017 through July 31st 2018





    2009 & 2010


    2007 & 2008


    2005 & 2006


    2003 & 2004


    2001 & 2002



Additionally, KMGSA will be following SFC guidelines in that as a general rule, we will not allow players to play outside of the age group they fall into by birth year.  We have, in the past, allowed players to “play up” base off their grade.  That was never adopted as an association bylaw and the unwritten rule will no longer be utilized.  Please plan for your players to play within the age group they fall into by birthdate.   




2.  Within each age division, SFC has Gold and Silver divisions.  The “Gold Division” is for those wishing to have more competition and commitment from players.  The “Silver division” is less of a commitment and will focus more on reinforcing fundamentals.  KMGSA will follow those guidelines from the 12u-16u levels.  Player assessments will occur in early 2018 with teams being built shortly thereafter.  Gold teams will have an increased tournament commitment and will have a registration fee to reflect the increase.  The KMGSA Board will ultimately build rosters based off assessments, past experience, available coaches, and player commitment.  10u teams will be built as even as assessments allow and all KMGSA 10u teams will be enrolled in the Silver division.  8u will continue as it has in the past with a goal of providing more coaching and fundamental reinforcement to this age level.


3.  Beginning with Fall 2018, KMGSA will offer as many Fall-Ball teams as player numbers and available coaches will allow.   KMGSA will ultimately build and approve these rosters with the hope that Summer teams role into Fall teams whenever possible.  All KMGSA offered Fall-Ball teams will play as part of the RYFSA (Rochester Youth Fastpitch Softball Association) Fall League.



Other KMGSA Board driven 2018 season changes:


In spring 2017, KMGSA was granted permission by Kasson Mantorville School Administration to begin using “KoMets “ as part of its branding.  Moving forward, all non-school sanctioned fast-pitch teams originating in the Kasson Mantorville area will use “KMGSA” and “KoMets” as part of its team name.  No further logos or additions to the uniform (including, but not limited to, jerseys, pants, socks, wristbands, headbands, bats and gloves) will be allowed.   This also includes “warm-up” type gear.  The KMGSA board must approve any changes to the uniform, prior to being worn.


Open enrollment:  As a general rule, KMGSA will not allow any player to be on a KMGSA roster whose home address originates outside of the Kasson Mantorville School District.  The few exceptions to this rule will be those players that attend school in another area and spend the summer in the Kasson Mantorville area.  (i.e. blended/divorced/separated for employment families and those that live with grandparents)  Proof of residency/legal guardianship will be required.


Waivers:  As stated in spring 2017, KMGSA will no longer sign waivers for players to be on the roster for any other team that originates in the Kasson Mantorville area.  KMGSA was given and holds the geographical rights to youth fast-pitch softball from the Kasson Park and Recreation Board.   The services offered cannot be replicated or duplicated without the express written consent of the KMGSA Board.


Roster changes: In an effort to eliminate the perception of recruiting/hand picking, the KMGSA board must approve any in-season roster changes made by coaches prior to contacting any player or parent.  This includes, but is not limited to, SFC League games, Tournament games, the End of Season Tournament, and State Tournament changes.  Prior to submission to USA Softball, the KMGSA Board must first approve all roster changes


18u:  KMGSA will be offering an 18u level in 2018 Summer/Fall seasons as long as player numbers and coach availability are adequate.  Those with birth years of 1999 and 2000 being eligible.  More information to come.


Governing Body: The KMGSA Board is operating with the best interest of all  players, coaches, and parents in mind.  The board understands and does not hold the expectation that all members will agree with changes and decisions made by the board.  With that being said, any player/coach/or parent that operates outside of SFC guideline/rule, USA Softball rule or KMGSA Bylaw is subject to corrective action as deemed appropriate by the KMGSA Board.  The KMGSA Board holds the right to modify any guideline/rule/bylaw when it has the best interest of KMGSA as whole in mind and when deemed appropriate by SFC and USA Softball.




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