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Kasson, MN
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Field Locations

Albert Lea:

Southwest Middle School, 1601 West Front Street (Corner of Hwy 13/West Front Street


Byron: Byron High School, 1887 2nd Ave NW, Byron

Cannon Falls:

High School, 820 East Minnesota Street (JV Fields)


Goodhue Wildcats:

Field #4, 510 3rd Ave, Goodhue (Take 4th Street North, next to the pool)


Hayfield High School fields, 9-6th Avenue SE

Kasson-Mantorville (KM):

700 11th Avenue NE, Kasson

Kenyon Wanamingo (KW):

Varsity Softball Field, Memorial Ball Field, Wanamingo

Medford: Medford High School, 2nd Ave SE, Medford

Pine Island Strikes:

Pine Island Strikes JV Field #2, 411 3rd Avenue SE

Red Wing:

Red Wing High School, Field #2 or #3, 2451 Eagle Ridge Drive


Stewartville High School JV Field, 440 6th Avenue SW


JV Softball Field,Triton West Softball Field, 813 Hwy Street, West corner of grounds; Dodge Center, MN

Zumbrota Mazeppa:

Zumbrota Mazeppa High School Varsity Fields, 160 West 12th Street, Zumbrota



10U Blooming League Rules and Expectations

Updated 02/12/2016

  1. These are the rules for the Blooming league.  Every team is expected to play by them.  If you have a recommendation for a rule change, email it to me, , and it will be taken into consideration for the next season.
  2. This is a 10U league.  Athletes must be 10 years of age or younger on December 31st, 2015 to be eligible for this league.
  3. Each team must carry to all games the official LLSL roster sheet with each player’s name, DOB.  It is the leagues recommendation to obtain copies of the athlete’s birth certificate to have on file. (This rule does not apply)
  4. There are no walks.  After the 4th ball, the hitting team coach will pitch soft-toss from within the pitching circle (the front of the circle is acceptable).  If the girl does not hit the ball in fair play after 3 pitches, the batter is out. 
  5. The hitters will start with a 1 ball, 1 strike count.
  6. There are no stealing bases or advancing on a passed ball by the catcher.
  7. Runners are allowed to attempt and/or advance one base on an overthrow.
  8. Leading off is encouraged, but runner cannot leave the base until the ball leaves the pitchers hand.
  9. You may play with a maximum of 10 players on the field.
  10. Bunting is legal and is encouraged.
  11. The home team will supply an umpire (does not need to be ASA certified).  Umpire will stand behind home plate. Rules will be supplied to all umpires prior to the game by the home team.
  12. Maximum of 5 runs scored per ½ inning and the ½ inning immediately ends.  Any other runs will not count.
  13. The Hoffman Rule (all members of the team bat) must be used.
  14. Games are played on Wednesday nights starting at 6:00pm
  15. Two 5 inning games (60 minute time limit) are played each night.  No new inning will start after 60 minutes.
  16. The official ball size is 11” (any brand of ball may be used) Home team supply the game balls.
  17. Pitching distance must be from 35’ marked with a pitching plate.
  18. Bases should be set at 60’
  19. Batters, base runners, players on deck, and any players coaching a base must wear protective helmets.
  20. The infield fly rules does not apply.
  21. This league is designed to develop the fundamentals of the game.  Coaches are encouraged to take time to coach your athletes.  If you would like to stop action and replay a situation, you are allowed to do so.  Education of the game is what the parents, coachers, and athletes want.
  22. ASA softball rules for catches, tags, base running and hitting apply.
  23. All cancellations for games must be made by 4:00pm to the opposing team.  Please email or call the opposing team coach and inform them if the game will be cancelled due to weather or other situations.